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Acta medico-biotehnica is the official jurnal of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor in Slovenia. The scientific-professional jurnal contains material of interest to a wider readership covering the medical and biotechnical fields.

The jurnal is publisched twice a year. Papers are peer reviewed by an international Editorial Board.


The Editorial Committee of »Acta medico-biotechnica« reserves the right to decide whether a paper is acceptable for publication, to obtain peer reviews by an international Editorial Board for submitted papers, and if necessary, to require changes in the content, length or language.

A cover letter with the name, address, telephone and telefax numbers of the corresponding authors must accompany each manuscript. This letter must include a statement that affirms that publication has been approved by all co-authors, that the work has not been published previously and that is not under consideration by another publication. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to reject manuscripts that do not comply with the above mentioned requirements.


Submission of an article for publication implies transfer of the copyright from the author to the publisher upon acceptance. A Accepted papers become the permanent property of "Acta medico-biotehnica". All articles published in this jurnal are protected by copyright, which covers the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article as well as all translation rights. No material published in thi jurnal may be reproduced without first obtaining written permission from the publisher.

Legal requirements

Manuscript submitted for publication must contain a statement that all human studies have been reviewed by the appropriate ethics committee in accordance with the ethical standards laid down in the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki. It must be clear that all persons gave informed consent before their inclusion in the study.


The statements, opinions and data contained in this publication are solely those of the individual authors and not of the publisher and the Editors. Neither the publisher nor the Editors can accept any legal responsibility for any errors that may be made.


Editorial Office "Acta medico-biotechnica"

The Editor: University of Maribor, Faculty of Medicine, Editorial Office, Taborska ul. 8, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Editor-in-chief: Prof. D. Pahor, MD, PhD
Technical editor: Prof. dr. Uroš Maver, mag. farm.
Telephone +386 223 458 27
Fax +386 223 458 20