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The types of accepted manuscripts are:
Editorial: 1000 words maximum, no abstract required, maximum 5 references, only by invitation of the Editor
Review: 2000 words maximum, unstructured abstract of 250 words maximum, maximum 50 references, only by invitation of the Editor
Clinical study: 3500 words maximum, structured abstract of 250 words maximum, maximum 50 references
Laboratory study: 3500 words maximum, structured abstract of 250 words maximum, maximum 50 references
Case report: 750 words, structured abstract of 200 words maximum, maximum 12 references


Manuscripts must be typed in English and double-spaced on A4-sized pages (210 x 297 mm) with a margin of at least 3 cm. All manuscript pages must be numbered. The recommended length is 15 manuscript pages (6 printed pages). The article must be saved in its original application (Microsoft Word for Windows) and all figures must be saved as separated files from the text. Manuscripts should be divided clearly into Abstract, Purpose, Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements (if any), References and Figure legends.


  • A concise and informative title
  • Full name of each author
  • Affiliation and address of each author
  • E-mail address, telephone and fax numbers of the corresponding author


  • Abstract: Structured abstract must summarise the essential features of the paper in logical and concise sequences. It should contain the following headings: Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusion and should not exceed 250 words.
  • Key words: A list of 3-6 key words isessential for indexing purposes.


Please use the following headlines: Introduction, Material and methods (including Statement of Ethics where applicable), Results, Discussion with Conclusions at the end, Acknowledgements (if any), References.

  • Introduction: The Introduction should state the purpose of the investigation and give a short review of the pertinent literature to allow the results of the paper to be understood and evaluated.
  • Material and methods: This section should contain sufficient detail so that all experimental procedures can be repeated by others. Authors should provide the name of the manufacturer for any specifically named equipment and instruments. All drugs should be identified by their pharmaceutical names.
    Where the manuscript concerns animal experimentation or the use of human volunteers, the authors should include a statement at the end of the Material and methods: »We/I certify that all applicable institutional and governmental regulations concerning the ethical use of human volunteers/animals were followed during this research.«
  • Results: he results should clearly and concisely present the outcome of the study and include tables or figures if required.
  • Discussion: The discussion should focus on the interpretation and significance of the findings with concise objective comments that describe their relationship to other previously published work in the area. At the end of discussion, one or more conclusions that have been drawn from the results and subsequent discussion should be present.
  • Acknowledgements: A note of acknowledgements is appropriate for all other contributors who are not listed as authors. These should be as brief as possible.
  • References:References should be listed in order of appearance (Vancouver style) by Arabic numerals. Only published works (as well as manuscripts that are already accepted for publication) should be listed in the reference list with first and last page numbers. References with fewer than 6 authors should list all authors. For more than 6 authors, list the first six names followed by et al. The surnames of the authors followed by initials should be given. Abbreviate journal names according to the Index Medicus.
  • Units and abbreviations:SI units must be used and abbreviations must be given in full at the first mention in the text.
  • Figures: Figures and images should be labelled sequentially, numbered and cited in the text. Figures legends should be brief with sufficient explanations of the illustrations and placed on a separate page at the end of the text. Black and white half-tone and colour illustrations must have a final resolution of 300 dpi after scaling, line drawings one of 800–1,200 dpi. Figures should be sent in separate electronic files. There is no extra charge for up to 6 colour figures or illustrations.
  • Tables: Tables should have a legend that includes the title of the table and an explanation of any abbreviations used in that table. Each table should be placed on a separate page, numbered and titled and cited in the text. Unlike figures or images, tables may be embedded in the manuscript file if necessary, or supplied as separate electronic files.


The proof will be sent by e-mail to the corresponding author. Authors should make their proof corrections on a printout of the pdf file supplied, checking that the text is complete and that all figures and tables are included. Proofs must be returned to the publisher with the least possible delay. Alterations made in proofs, other than the correction of printer’s errors are not allowed without approval of the responsible Editor. In such a case, please contact the Editorial office before returning the proofs to the publisher.

The Editors cannot accept responsibility for damage to or loss of manuscripts submitted to them. Contributors are advised to keep copies of their manuscript and illustrations.

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